Over the last three days I waited with much anticipation for the thunderstorms to roll in and give me some love… but all I got was rain. There were some distant rumbles as the storm cells moved north very far away from my ranch. All was not lost though because it was some really awesome heavy rain and I was able to get some decent recordings with the Sennhesier 8040ST Rig.

I recorded in two locations. First, the Sennhesier 8040ST setup was placed out my door on my deck under the eave of the roof. Second, I stuck the Sennhesier 8040s out a window in my garage again under the eave of the roof as to not get them soaking wet.

Both times I did use the Rycote Windjammer over the Zepplin and noticed a slight reduction in high frequencies but not enough to cause concern. The bright top end of the mics even with the full Rycote setup had more top end than my Sanken CSS-5 obviously. The other thing I noticed was how much information these mics pick up. When the rain really intensified it hit the deck so hard that the wood tone it created was almost annoying. I processed the heavy rain on the deck with a slight EQ dip at 356Hz and rolled off below 120Hz. At one point I could faintly hear some people talking out on the back dirt road, I have no idea what they were saying or even doing there outside in the downpour.

I am really getting to know these mics and am liking the results very much. I am mainly using them in XY at 90 degrees and plan to experiment with other microphone patterns in the future.

Enjoy! -Frank

PS: If anyone would like me to release these and other rain recordings from North Idaho, let me know.

Recording Rain 6-2011
These first 2 recordings were made on my deck that wraps around the back side of my house.

Recording Rain 6-2011
This recording was made from a window in my garage.

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