Rooster, Chickens and Things

Below are some audio clips of these and some other events that I “happened” upon this year. One cool spontaneous session was in my brother’s barn. There was an old aluminum boat inside, and I banged the front (I don’t know boat-speak very well) of the boat with a mic inside and under, as well as recording scratching finger nails along the top. Another spontaneous session “happened” after I was recording my SUV on a remote mountain top development road. I found an old beat up bulldozer sitting in the woods and proceeded to record the foot pedals and gear shifter. I also came across a large and very dry pile of wood and recorded snapping and the movement of the old branches. The result was some very cool squeaks and creaks. On another occasion, I needed to have my tractor serviced and when the man came to pick it up and then later deliver it back, I was able to quickly record the servo motor.

SFX Recording 2010 Set1 DS by therecordist

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