Shotgun: Mossberg 590 Recording With Sennheiser 8040ST

A Mossberg 590 12 Gauge Shotgun recorded from 3 positions at 24-Bit 192kHz. 1) Original speed: side, front and rear. two versions each. 2) Played back at half speed: side, front and rear. 3) Played back at quarter speed: side, front and rear.

I quickly edited and mastered them in Pro Tools at 192K with some H-Comp compression, Decapitator and L2 limiting. Oh yeah… I almost forgot to mention Chuck Russom’s “Call It Good” favorite: RenBass.

Below is the 192K file you can download and have fun sith (I hope) Don’t worry, I can shoot anytime here on the ranch. I can always get more if I need them. -Frank

Mossberg 590 8040ST

Here is the 192K file as a special gift!


Please keep in mind though that these sounds available for free still fall under the same license agreement that governs the libraries for purchase.

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  1. Jean-Edouard Miclot
    Jean-Edouard Miclot says:

    Great stuff Frank as always. I’m quite impressed how clean your sounds are for an outdoor recording. Did you use a pad attenuator? How noisy was it outside? Have you denoised it a bit? Thanks!

  2. The Recordist
    The Recordist says:

    Thanks! I used the pad in the SD 702 with the volume knob down a quite bit. The limiter kicked in a little but I like that as long as I don’t hit it too hard.

    Outside was very quiet. It’s like that here in North Idaho. I wait until the birds calm down after the morning sing-song they perform. I think they take a nap or something 🙂 I also fire off a shot or make a loud noise and it makes them stop singing I think. Mid-afternoon is the quietest around here as long as there are no trains and traffic. These mics pick up the rumble and horns from 10 miles away or more.

    No noise reduction, these are the “somewhat” raw files. The 8040’s are the quietest mics I’ve ever used, I’m actually blown away by how low the noise floor is. My MKH-416 is very clean also. Coming from using my CSS-5 for most things, I am impressed with the 8040 and never really knew how noisy the CSS-5 can be, especially for backgrounds.


  3. Colin Hunter
    Colin Hunter says:

    Great stuff Frank. Agreed with Jean-Edouard on how quiet the recordings are. Very impressive considering you’ve used no noise reduction!

    Keep the recordings coming!

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