Shotgun Recording March 2016
The Recordist Five Fifty Retrospective
Shotguns HD Pro Video Teaser One
Aircraft Recording Photo Gallery
Storm Lake Sound FX Gallery
The Envolution of Suppressors
Suppressed Weapons Stage 2 Gallery
Suppressed Weapons Teaser Videos
Barn Destruction Sound Effects
Welcome To New and Improved Website
The Making Of Thunderstorm 3 Part 2
Bullet Recording Nov 20 2014
Supersonic Subsonic Bullets
The Making Of Thunderstorm 3 Part 1
Thunderstorm III HD Pro SFX library Update
RubberZ PlastiX HD Pro SFX
The Sound of Tree Falls
Full Auto Gun Recording
Game Developers Conference 2014
Recording The Barrett 99 50 BMG Rifle
Rock Smash Debris 2013-11
Recording The 6311 Locomotive
Rock Blasting Explosion
Free Crazy Sound Effects
The Frog Pond
Interview with Frank Bry
Train Slackers 2013
Explosions: The AlloyoZone Way
Tonebenders Gun Recording Podcast
Gunscapes HD Pro SFX Bulletin
Transient Enhancement With Explosions
The Making of North Country Water
Crazy Sound Of The Year 2012
Bullets Into SUV – Microphones In Harm’s Way
Crazy Sound of The Week: Bullet Mule
Recording Explosions – 11-15-2012
Explosion Sounds From Scratch
Soundbites – Quarterly Newsletter, Fall 2012
Crazy Sound of the Month: Sept, 2012
Bullets HD Pro SFX Library Update
The Sound of Black Powder
Explosives HD Pro SFX Trailer
The Cliff Recording Sessions on Video
Crazy Sound of the Week – Aug 29, 2012
Slow Motion Bullets Part-2
Antonov An-2 Fly By At Sandpoint
A Train And A Bird And A MKH8060
Asphalt Compactor July 26 2012
Boeing B-17 bomber June 25 2012
Shotgun Ammo Slugfest
Mountain Fireworks July 4th 2012
Lightning Strikes – June 24 2012
Suppressed Gun In The Mountains
Tweetie Bird Feeding
Explosives HD Pro Teaser
Big Water Splashes
Tweaking Sounds That Go KaBoom
The Cannon: Recording Session 1
Recording Gun Powder Flame Bursts Part-2
Recording Wind, Yeah Right
Balloon Pop On Pond May 6, 2012
3AM Rain Recording May 4, 2012
Water Recording Videos 2012
Recording Gun Powder Flame Bursts
Thunderstorm Cleanup With RX2
The Devil Dog
Ultimate Destruction Videos
Making Ultimate Destruction SFX
Metal Mashing Madness
Freight Train At Station
Hail Storm Inside My SUV Feb 2012
Ultimate Destruction Teaser
The iMac Bullet Recording Sessions
Slow Motion Bullets
Insane Ice Cracks
North Idaho Iceman Vol-2
January 2012 Snowstorms
North Idaho Iceman Vol-1
Quarterly Newsletter 2012 Q1
Saw Mill Recording – November 28, 2011
Train Tension Symphony
Train Railroad Track Tickle
North Country Trains HD Videos
Crazy Stupid Sound of the Week Dec 1 2011
Train Railcars Bump And Grind
North Idaho Train Recording
Crazy Train Doppler Pass Bys
Canada Geese Migrating Nov 5 2011
M60 Machine Gun Microphone Comparisons
The Wall Comes Crashing Down
Explosion Recording October 2011
Gun Recording October 21 2011
The Adventure of a Leaftime
Ultimate Foliage SFX Library Part 2: Breaking Wind
Recording Ultimate Foliage Part 1: The Tree Monster
Chasing Leaves and Video Camera Crash
Deer Snorts and Squirrel Talk
2AM Thunderstorm September 18th 2011
Midnight Shotgun Shooting
Recording a 1980 Beech Baron 58P Airplane Part 2
Crazy Stupid Sound Of The Week 2011-08-26
Recording a 1980 Beech Baron 58P Airplane Part-1
Beech 58P Airplane Recording Videos
Recording a 1928 Stearman C3B Bi-Plane 2011
Sandpoint Idaho Fly In 2011-08-13
Crazy Stupid Sound Of The Week 2011-08-12
Ultimate High Speed SFX Episode 1
Firewood Gathering Begins
Crazy Stupid Sound Of The Week 2011-08-05
Inside A Pipe Truck Monks
The Water Barrel
Ultimate Rockslide II Recording
A Witness to Birds
Making the Mangled Metal SFX Library
Sandpoint Idaho Fireworks 2011
Motor Grader Recording June 27, 2011
Ultimate Concrete 2 HD Videos
Mangled Metal SFX Library Preview
Mangled Metal Sound Effects Library Preview
John Deere 4110 On Board Recording
Midnight Thunderstorm on June 12 2011 With 8040s
Ultimate Chain SFX Library Preview 2
The Bats And The Bees
Recording Rain with the Sennheiser 8040ST
Chains and Sennheiser MKH8040 MKH416 Comparison
Ultimate Chain SFX Library Preview
Shotgun: Mossberg 590 Recording With Sennheiser 8040ST
Glass Cracking With Sennheiser 8040ST
The Danger Bear Trap Recordings
Thunderstorm Recording Techniques
Recording a Mossberg 590 Shotgun
Ultimate Glass SFX Library Trailer
TV Screen Goes Bada Boom
Train Recording 3-13-2011
Ultimate Glass SFX Video Gallery
Miguel Isaza is Having Fun with Mud and Water
Ultimate Wood SFX Trailer Video
Ultimate Splash SFX Trailer Video
Ultimate Fire SFX Trailer Video
Rooster, Chickens and Things
Snow Grader Recording 12-3-2010
Designing Sound Interview
Ultimate Fire SFX Teaser
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
Recording a Blizzard 11-22-2010
Recording Large Fire Bursts 11-6-2010
Fire Torch Recording 11-14-2010
Fire Recording 11-07-2010
The Making Of Ultimate Mud SFX Library
Where Did All This Dust Come From
Ultimate Mud SFX Library Preview
Extreme Home Makeover Idaho Edition
Ultimate Mud SFX Library Recording
Glass Window Breaking Then And Now
The story behind Ultimate Snow SFX Library
Ultimate Snow SFX Library Sneak Peek
2007 Chevy Tahoe Recording 9-12-10
Heavy Log Drop Recording 9-5-2010
Wood SFX Recording 08-29-10
Mud Recording Photo Gallery
Water Splash Recording Idaho Style
Prop Plane Recording August 14th 2010
The Story Behind Ultimate Rockslide SFX Library
Broken Beetle Bug Recording
Ultimate Rockslide Final Session
My Exclusive Q and A with Designing Sound
Ultimate Concrete SFX Library Pics
Ultimate Rockslide Recording on June 29, 2010
Bee Talking June 9 2010
Rock Recording April 25 2010
Gun Recording May 30 2010
Fire Burst Recording 2009
Dragon Fly Wings September 2009
Large Ice Chunk Recording
Fire Recording Feb 2010
Ice Puddle Recording 2009
Breaking The Sound Barrier

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