Glass Cracking With Sennheiser 8040ST

I’ve only had the Sennheiser 8040’s for a few days and have been out recording as much as I can to familiarize myself with the microphones. I have been amazed at the quality and low noise of these mics. I will be doing more blog posts with in depth info in the days and weeks ahead. I am just so thrilled with the glass sounds recorded that I wanted to quickly share them. Now I’ve got to go back to real work!

Sennheiser 8040ST

Here are some glass window frame debris demos I recorded at 24-Bit 192K with a SD 702 and the 8040 mics:

Glass crack recording with a matched stereo pair of Sennheiser 8040s. 1. Original Pitch 2. One Octave Down 3. Two Octaves Down

Glass SFX 8040ST

TV Screen Goes Bada Boom

A few days ago I hit my old Sony 27 inch tube television set with a sledgehammer. (yeah, it was fun!) It had been sitting around for years after being retired for a new widescreen LCD TV. I bought this TV back in 1995 after many nights watching a battered up 14 inch TV. OK, history over…. Now the fun stuff. I moved the really heavy TV down to my foley recording area outside and on the way it got banged up and fell apart. Good thing because the tube part of the TV was not damaged and made for an easy target with the sledgehammer.

I set up a Sanken CSS-5 and a Sony PCM-D1 directly in front of the tube within 3 feet or so. I grabbed the sledgehammer, wound up and Boom! I was wearing hearing protection and it was the right choice because the tube breaking was really loud! It sounded like an glass explosion and I felt it all through my body. When I listened back to the recording I noticed the CSS-5 and SD 702 had clipped quite a bit even though I had the internal pad on and the volume set where I thought I would be safe. I was worried because in the headphones it sounded like crap and I was thankful I had the PCM-D1 as a back up. There were no re-takes for this session. After a little mastering all was not lost.

The audio clip below has the (1) PCM-D1 (2) CSS-5 (3) Mix (4) Mix at half speed through Decapitator and Ren-Bass. Enjoy! -Frank

TV Screen Goes Bada Boom by therecordist


TV Screen



TV Screen



Ultimate Glass SFX Video Gallery

Welcome to the Ultimate Glass Sound Effects Library Video Gallery. Below are some full length videos from the many recording sessions. These videos show as many of the takes as allowable by law. (the law of “making sure I don’t make a fool of myself”). Enjoy!


Ultimate Glass SFX Window Breaking – Video posted March 29, 2011

Ultimate Glass SFX Mirrors and Windows – Video posted March 27, 2011

Ultimate Glass SFX Dishes and Stuff

Ultimate Glass SFX Booze Bottles Break

Ultimate Glass SFX Glass Jars and Bottles Break

Ultimate Glass SFX Computer Smashing

Glass Window Breaking Then And Now

I’ve always had the strangest luck, fate, universe is looking out for me kind of thing going on my whole life. I’m going to take a trip down memory lane here in this blog post and then jump forward to today.


Back in 2000 I had a good friend who had just purchased a defunct steam power plant in Seattle Washington call me up and say “You better get over here ASAP and record this place before I tear it down to build some apartments.” So, I jumped in the car and drove the 6 hours or so from Idaho to Seattle with my HHB PDR-1000 DAT machine and a AT-825 stereo microphone.

When I arrived I was I heaven. There I was in a completely vacant electric power plant with a recorder and microphone! I recorded as much as I could in the limited time I had and one of the best parts was recording objects being thrown through the massive windows. They call these “Blow Out Windows.” I was told that the reason one side of the building is all glass is in case the place accidentally blows up the windows would blow out and the power plant stays standing. Made sense to me but made for even better sounds!

Below are some of the glass breaking sounds and pictures.

Glass Windows Breaking 2000 by therecordist

Shuffleton Power Plant

Shuffleton Power Plant from the outside with large windows

Shuffleton Power Plant

Shuffleton Power Plant from the inside


Earlier this week I heard some earth moving machines up the street and some heavy cracking and crunching sounds. I ran outside and saw one of my neighbors moving a single wide manufactured home from the front of their yard to the back of their property. I grabbed my gear and ran over and asked what they were doing and they said “We’re going to burn it, not right away but as soon as burning season starts.” Well, that’s a month away so I asked if I could record some sounds from the really old torn up house. They said “Have at it. Do whatever you want.”

Soon after they had moved it away from the street I started recording the windows breaking. They had pulled most of them out and left them inside but there were some still installed and I had a field day with a crow bar! Also, inside there was a whole wall that was a glass mirror which made some great glass shard falling sounds. I was like a kid in a candy shop. I recorded with my Sound Devices 702 and Sanken CSS-5 from the inside and out. I also recorded some close-up glass cracking with my Sony PCM-D1.

Below are some pictures and some great glass breaking sounds. Do I smell a Ultimate Glass Library coming? No, that’s the inside of the smelly house. Enjoy!

Glass Windows Breaking 2010-09 by therecordist

Glass 2010

Glass windows and frames inside the smelly, defunct house

Glass 2010

Glass window shards inside the defunct house, did I mention it was smelly?

Glass 2010

Glass mirror wall inside the defunct house, very 70's