Broken Beetle Bug Recording

On Sunday, August 8th 2010 I was sitting on my deck after a sweaty rock recording trip watching the meteor shower over the north sky whan I heard this “Buzzzzzzz…. Thwack!” I turned around and saw this huge bug on the deck trying to get himself upright and fly toward the porch light. It seems he hit the side of the house so hard that a wing busted off.

I sat there for a while and kept hearing a buzz and then a soft hit so I went and got my recorder and followed the bug around. Every time he tried to take off and fly he flew in circles and crash landed. He would end up on his back with his legs furiously trying to get himself turned over and ready for takeoff. Now and then he would scurry away towards the wall and try and climb up. He eventually landed on the recorder and made some cool vocal squeaks. I had a very hard time getting him off the recorder. (Sony PCM-D1)

Below are some crazy bug sounds.

Broken Beetle 8-8-10

Beetle with a broken wing attempting flight

Broken Beetle 8-8-10

Beetle with a broken wing aborted takeoff

Broken Beetle 8-8-10

Beetle with a broken wing trying to get flipped

Broken Beetle 8-8-10

Beetle with a broken wing OK now

Broken Beetle 8-8-10

Beetle with a broken wing on the PCM-D1

Bee Talking June 9 2010

I walked out to my garage early this morning and heard a strange buzzing sound coming from the back. I saw a single bee sitting there and it was making a sound I have never heard before. I am used to hearing them buzz as they fly against the window trying to get out. This was different, it was like it was talking.

I ran back to the house and grabbed my Sony PCM-D1 which I keep close to the door in case I need to set up quickly. I was not sure how long the bee would be there so I started recording immediately.

The bee would sit on the window and make his talking sounds and then fly around close to the window without hitting it. Then it would stop and start talking again. Every now and then I would hold the Sony right on him and he would jump on and “talk” then fly away. It was like a pet in a way but I’m not sure it enjoyed the Sony being so close. Maybe he was stinging it, I’m not sure.

I think I finally have enough flying insect sounds for a new library. Below are some quick edits I made and strung together.

Bee Talking 2010

Dragon Fly Wings September 2009

One afternoon back in September 2009 I was sitting on my porch having a cup of coffee and I heard this strange buzzing noise. I had just set up some deer netting around the underside of the porch as I was building a fence and needed a temp deer stop. I looked down and there was a huge dragonfly stuck in the netting. I quickly grabbed my Sony PCM-D1 and proceeded to record. Here is what I recorded:

He was not hurt in any way, I did set him free from the netting.