The Water Barrel

As I was cleaning up the yard after years of Ultimate debris from making all the Ultimate sound effects collections I tried to move a 55 gallon barrel drum that has been sitting around for the last year or so. To my surprise it was half full of water. I assume the water had dripped in from the 3 inch hole on the top over the winter and spring. I found out that as I moved it the water sloshed around inside the 55 gallon drum. This was a col sound but I had an even better idea… I should tip it over and record the water flowing out. I set up a MKH-8040 and a SD-702 about 3 feet away from where the top of the barrel should touch the ground.

Water Barrel 2011

I waited for a few cars to drive by and proceeded to push the barrel over. It made this cool glub sound as the air needed to be sucked back in through the same hole the water was gushing out. The resonating barrel sound and the pulsing it made really surprised me as I was not sure how air tight the barrel was since I shot a hole through it last year and patched it with roofing sealant. I recorded at 192K and when pitched down it sound amazing. Someday this will make it into a collection or a SoundBox Single release, who knows? Enjoy! -Frank

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