I’m pleased to announce that TIRES Episode One is now available! Been a long time coming and a labor of love!

TIRES HD Pro Episode One is the first in a series of sound collections that will focus only on the sound a vehicle tire makes when rolling, spinning, skidding, starting and stopping. Episode One features casual to high speed driving on various surfaces. Recorded during the Winter, Spring and Summer months with different kinds of vehicles. How all this came about is an interesting story.

Check it out at: https://therecordist.com/product/tires-hd-pro-episode-one/

Files 145
Size 7.3GB
Format Stereo/Mono BWAV – 24bit, 96kHz | Mac-Windows
Metadata Soundminer, BWAV

Vehicles & Surfaces
Vehicles: Tahoe SUV | Traverse SUV | Tundra Truck | ZR-2 Truck | Flatbed Truck | Tesla S-85
Surfaces: Wet Dirt | Dry Dirt | Ice & Snow | Pavement | Driveway Stone | Mud

All images and sounds Copyright 2018 Frank Bry – Creative Sound Design, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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