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November 29, 2011

During a simple grocery run into town I noticed a train stopped on a bridge over the highway. I guessed it might be leaving soon and I knew where to go to get close to it and changed my route. Once I got there I noticed another train was also waiting next to the one I saw on the bridge. I knew I did not have a lot of time before they started moving so I quickly grabbed my Sony D-50 out of the center console of my SUV and ran towards an area near the railcars. I was in postion no longer that 10 seconds and the far train on the other side of the train closest to me started to move. I then heard a huge metal shuttering sound as the cars started moving. The shockwave traveled in each direction down the line of railcars, very cool!

As this first train pulled away I pulled out my iPhone and began recording video while keeping the handheld held D-50 in place. Soon the railcars one meter away in front of me started moving. Now there were trains pulling away in each direction. I wish I had my MKH-8040ST setup with me but since I was only planning to go shopping I left it at the ranch. I am glad the D-50 was charged and ready to go.

Below is the sound of the two trains departing at the approximately at the same time in Ponderay, Idaho. Recorded with a Sony PCM-D50 and pitched down 1 octave.

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  1. Michael Maroussas
    Michael Maroussas says:

    Thanks for the share, Frank – I’ve been a bit obsessed with chasing train recordings myself recently so it’s been great following your adventures at the same time. Great stuff.

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