Train Railroad Track Tickle

Here is a sound from December 12, 2011. Late in the day I drove out to one of my favorite locations to record trains (and to enjoy the West view). I had attempted to record 2 stopped trains earlier in the day and was only seconds late after chasing them around town for a while. I did not want the day to be a complete waste so I took a chance that a few more trains would rumble in and stop. Well, they did not stop but a few trains were hauling their heavy cargo to the South so I sat and waited… in the freezing cold… then I saw the lights.

I was not expecting this sound from a train pass by along the lake in a very secluded area. The MKH-8040ST rig was set close to the tracks and captured this strange sound. As the train was approaching from around the corner of a cliff, the tracks started to sound electric!

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