UH-60 Blackhawk With Stereo Cyclone

On March 16, 2018 I had the chance to use the new Rycote Stereo Cyclone Kit 5 for the Schoeps CMC MS microphone setup. This was the first time I had it outside in very windy conditions (from the UH-60 Blackhawk blades) I have to say I’m very impressed with the way the Cyclone handled the heavy wind as the helicopter started up and turned away.

I usually record helicopters with the 40Hz low end filter active on my Sound Devices 702. This time, as a test I turned the low cut filter off to see how the Cyclone performed. I wanted as raw a sound as possible so I could evaluate the sound in RX6. I used a short boom pole and held it with one hand and my iPhone with the other hand. I tried to stay as steady as possible given the fact I had to move around at times. You can see in the graphic the two low end rumble thumps (red circle) as the Blackhawk was turning away and I got full on rotor wash!

My previous Rycote windshield and the furry thing worked very well but when the Blackhawk turns it’s blades and rotor to lift off the ground the wind can be intense. There was always a constant low end rumble with this system and when the blades were fully angled the wind would bump hard. The Cyclone did not have this issue, at least today. I can’t wait to record more helicopters and planes with this setup. Thanks Rycote! FYI: I am not sponsored in any way. I am a customer, like you and just want to share my experience with gear that works for me from companies that get it right.

Video with the recorded audio. Decoded to stereo from the original MS tracks. No other processing.