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A warm thanks to those who banged on the site during the re-launch yesterday! Bugs were fixed and other things buttoned up.

As you may have heard I have completely re-built The Recordist website with a new e-commerce system and theme. Some of you know that it’s no easy task to rebuild a website from the ground up and boy, I have to say it was a time consuming process. My old website used a third party e-commerce shopping cart (DPD) that served me well for over five years. The guys that run DPD are wonderful and have a great set of tools for website shopping carts. Their system was not really build for WordPress and I had to hand code the data into a blog post and the rest is to boring to tell you.

This new system took over 9 months to complete. Long story short: All the products were re-entered and coded into the new e-commerce system website. The WAV files included in all product downloads were gone through with a fine tooth comb and had the metadata refined and the product artwork added for Soundminer users. (The artwork is also available on each product page) As with the previous website the files are delivered through the Amazon S3 network, this time mine not DPDs.

The most difficult part of this whole process was finding the right e-commerce theme. There are many out there and finding one that I thought was extremely functional, nice looking and easy to deploy was a nightmare. The other issue which seems to be the rage is whether the site is responsive or not. It seems the whole planet does most of it’s internet stuff on smartphones and/or tablets so even though my old site was responsive and worked well I felt that a new look and feel was due. Having a responsive website is not required for sound effects websites but it sure helps when you just want to browse the sites while on a iPad or and iPhone while stuck in traffic. My website only has about 12 percent of it’s traffic from mobile phones and tablets, the rest was desktops but I still thought a well done responsive site was the best way to go for now and into the future.

For sound effects library purchases made before the new site roll out: I have all the data from the last five years and if anyone would like a list of their purchases I can email it to you. I can add them to the new site but it’s a matter of gifting your previous purchase to you under your account that you create at the new site. Possible but very time consuming. If anyone ever needs to re-download their libraries from my old (DPD) system let me know and I would be happy to assist you.

UPDATE 4-19-15: Installed a SSL certificate on the site over the weekend. You can now pay via credit card without having to use Paypal. Using a PayPal account is still an option. Checkout is secured by 256-Bit SSL Encryption.

UPDATE 4-26-15: Installed dynamic pricing feature on the store. No more coupons needed, a much needed upgrade.

My goal is to have the experience be as smooth as possible for you.

Namaste -Frank

A Special note for The Recordist sound effects users: Thursday 4-30-15 is the last day that the collections will be available through my DPD delivery service. The current website now uses it’s own AWS server and purchases made between 2009 and May 16 2015 will no longer be available through DPD.

If you have not downloaded some of your collections of missed some product updates please contact me before April 30th. After May 1st you will need to create a account at the new website and request your purchases be added to the new system if you need to. If you have all your downloads backed up this is not required but if you ever lose your collections because of a failed Hard Drive I can help. Please back up your data though.

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