I LOVE these sound effects. I feel like I have used this pack of sounds on nearly every project that needs some wam-bam-BANG! They are just too good and really just smack. The amount of variation between explosions is very impressive, especially since this sort of material can tend to sound repetitive. Frank made sure to include all sorts of materials being obliterated. His taste in mastering and metadata is top notch and makes searching for files a breeze, which is mega helpful as I work in TV sound editing these days. Thanks for making my projects sound epic Frank!

Michael O’Connor – Sound Designer, Atomic Sound Post Production Services

If I had a call out one library developer in general that I used a lot for its core elements, it would be Frank Bry. I particularly like his earth, dirt, and ambience sounds. So much of the sound of this show is people connecting with the dirt — whether that’s Foley or debris being picked up in a fight scene, Frank’s dirt is always there and it always sounds killer.

Jamey Scott – Sound Designer, Raised By Wolves

I also used recent recordings by Frank Bry, who has a wonderful array of libraries of guns and bullets, from hits and bys to whizzes and everything in between. Those sounds were slightly processed before the mix, again to give them that archival sound feel.

Mariusz Glabinski | Sound Designer, The Vietnam War Docu-series
Sound & Picture

Probably some of the best libraries I’ve had the pleasure of using, this is a great opportunity to add some greatness to your collection.

Trevor Dikes | Senior Sound Designer, Avalanche Studios

Earlier this year I did the Sound Design for a movie about The God of Thunder and his friends in Valhalla. For that I needed the very best thunder sounds I could find. And they don’t get better than these. The Recordist rides the lightning!

Peter Albrechtsen | Sound Designer Extraordinaire

Just picked up the M249 SAW HD Pro library from The Recordist for an upcoming project. Needed this specific weapon and really glad I found this, because as much fun as it would be, there is no budget or time to find and record one.

Don’t often get to work on anything with bigger guns – glad Frank had this one ready to go, because to be honest, these sound better than what we would have been able to record even if we did have the time and budget.

What can I say, Frank is a master at gun recordings!

Korey Pereira – Soularity Sound

Frank has incredible gun sounds. I use his libraries all the time. He’s up in Idaho and can capture these great long tails that are totally pristine and clean. The quality is so good.

Benjamin Cook, MPSE – Supervising Sound Editor: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Undercover Guns: Indoor Range… Must have library. The previous Undercover Guns has been a lifesaver for me. Frank’s guns are the only library gun sounds I use in my work. And I use them daily.

Chuck Russom | Sound Designer @chuck_russom

I just bought your Thompson Machine Gun pack and I had to tell you, it is absolutely incredible. The best recordings of a Thompson I’ve ever found anywhere!

Michael Tounian – Sound Designer

I need thunder claps and booms for this project I’m cutting right now. I don’t bother with a broad database search. I just add THE RECORDIST to the search field and get to work. Thanks for always producing awesome stuff, Frank! 

Shaun Farley – Skywalker Sound

Absolutely hands down one of the best field recordists around. Every library offered has a ton of exceptional and essential material. Cannot rate Frank highly enough.

Mark Winter – Technical Audio Producer at New World Interactive

Gunfire HD Pro: This library is amazing! Great job!

Brian Tuey – Audio Director – Treyarch, Activision LLC

Frank has been saving my ass and inspiring me for 15 years. Pretty sure he deserves a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to our craft.

Crispin Hands – Owner/CEO at Lionshead Entertainment

I used quite a few sounds from the Bullets and Gunscapes libraries for the Sound Design of the movie Free Fire, which is currently on release across the USA. I’ve been buying your sounds since more or less when you started, Fantastic SFX, great quality and diversity, with multiple versions and perspectives that are super useful. I just need to get a movie with helicopters now, some of the ‘thwop’ you’ve recorded from that Huey is the best I’ve ever heard! Thanks and keep up the great work.

Martin Pavey – Sound Designer for Down Terrace, Kill List, Sightseers, A Field In England, The Borderlands, Room 8, Duke of Burgundy, High Rise, Prevenge and FreeFire.

We just started the post sound on an upcoming Netflix 4 episode docu-series about firefighters in Southern California and your HAWK library came in super handy as Production requested “Blackhawk sounds” only!

Ugo Derouard

Frank!! Great, great sounds. Really useful set, not only for trains but impacts, etc. Thank you! (North Country Trains)

Mikkel Nielsen

As an independent sound designer, its important to stand out as unique. Frank’s incredible recordings have a way of taking your custom sfx collection to the next level. Every time I find myself needing a sound that I don’t have access to, or time to record, “the recordist” bails me out. I’m honestly not sure I could have made it through the last year without the aid of Frank’s INCREDIBLE recordings!!

Jacob Proctor – Strawberry Sound Studios

Firstly, the sound editing team here at Big Bang Sound Design (including myself) are massive fans of your recording collections. They are truly second to none.

Currently we’re in the final push on MAD MAX: Fury Road and I can tell you first hand that we’re using a huge amount of your recordings in the track lay.

I personally have been using all of your Gun recordings from Firearm Foley (including Vintage) ,Bullets, gun tails, Machine guns, and Gunscapes. They are SO GOOD!! and the accompanying pictures are really useful for someone like me who has very little hands on experience with firearms. You are the best!

Andrew Miller – Big Bang Sound

I used your Gunscapes and Foley Pro for our game Killshot (iOS/Android). Your sounds were awesome. I love the separated microphones as well as the processed files. Thanks so much for making my job easy. I tell all my audio friends about your libraries. Killshot is the #1 downloaded game in 55 countries and one of the top 10 downloaded games in 150 countries.

Adam Gejdos – Audio Director and Composer at Hothead Games

Frank’s recordings fill the gap in what’s available with the bigger name general libraries we all tend to fall back on. Pristinely recorded and meticulously labeled, these sounds make short work of finding exactly what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re editing backgrounds or repurposing sounds for the sake of design, the higher quality the source, the better the end result. The Recordist provides exceptional raw material for building really stand-out soundtracks.

I can’t recommend Frank’s libraries enough and find myself reaching for them eagerly and often!

Jonathan Lipman, M.P.S.E – (Sony Pictures, WB, Wildfire Studios)

The Devil Dog HD Pro SFX Library:

Frank Bry just announced a library of a very interesting Bull dog- it sounds really great- and has a broad range of great aggressive utterances, and I would say it is some of the most interesting animal vox I have heard in years, check it out, I think it is brilliant.
– C. Maynes

Man, I couldn’t stop laughing the sounds are so strange! That’s some crazy zombie action going on there.
– Chris M. Jacobson, CAS

These are great. I was laughing all the way in the demo clip but I got to 1:57 I just was LOL in tears. The final part is awesome, too. If I ever need alien creature stuff this is definitely first choice. Just to clarify, these sounds are only hilarious because of the adorable dog producing them. The photo helps a lot, too. In any other context these would scare the sh*t out of Chuck Norris.
– nuclear

When I first listened to it, I couldn’t believe that this is a real dog, I just had to look at the picture again. Very good stuff.
– Tamas Dragon

Oh geez. Thanks so much for the laughs today. That was great! I’m wiping tears from my eyes over that poor doggie. Hilarious. Can’t wait to whip out the pitch control!
– Jeff

Bullets HD Pro SFX Library Review: the level of detail he goes through to achieve some of these sounds…The results of what he achieves are so creative and so usable that it goes beyond what the usual recording would capture.” At – 44:00 Sound Library Review II

GameAudio Podcast Episode 27 – Feb 18, 2013 http://www.gameaudiopodcast.com/?p=542

Bullets HD Pro SFX Library is simply amazing. The recordings are so clean. I already purchased a few sfx libraries from “The Recordist” and was expecting something great from Frank but this library is a must have. I do mainly animation and it will be useful as zap in, zap out, cartoon impacts, tennis and badminton or any sports hits, heavy grabs, pass bys… And you never know I might use it for gun bullets too.

Serge Hamel: Mixer / Sound Designer

“Superbly recorded! Frank, your sounds are welcome additions to my library, and you have a knack for releasing sounds that I happen to have an immediate use for. It’s clear you give your recordings a lot of thought and care. Couple all that with stellar locations and a great price point, and I’ve found myself to be quite the repeat customer. Keep ’em coming!!”

David Farmer – Sound Designer, Editor and Recordist
The Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Cowboys & Aliens, Underworld, BioShock 2, God of War III

“Frank is very good at what he does, and there are very few recordists with his track record of excellence. If there is one library that is worthy of having an open account on- His is it. And he is an awesomely great guy as well… I am very jealous that I don’t have a tractor like his!”

Charles Maynes – Sound Designer, Editor and Recordist
Letters from Iwo Jima, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, Tomb Raider and a few others…..

“Great recordings, many hard to find FX, and at a very reasonable price! Thanks so much Frank. Great stuff!”

Shannon Mills – Supervising sound editor, Skywalker Sound
Avatar, Iron Man, Saving Private Ryan, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc.

I just downloaded Ultimate Fire and it’s ****ing awesome. (I don’t usually swear on professional forums, but it is in fact ****ing awesome) (Oh good, auto censor…saves me the dilemma of whether or not I should say ****)

Peter Steinbach – Sound Designer, via Gearslutz
Halo: Combat Evolved 10th Anniversary

“Many of you already know what the “Ultimate” word means in the sfx world…More fun from The Recordist!”

Miguel – Designing Sound Website, 2011

I’d been looking for a proper Thompson sound library for months, and had to put off a project for a whole year due to not being able to complete it the way I wanted to. I read about your Thompson Machine Gun HD Pro SFX Library, purchased it this morning, and am absolutely blown away (no pun intended) by the quality, dynamic range, and versatility of the supplied samples. I can FINALLY finish that project and give it the kick it needed! Truly fantastic stuff. Can’t wait to purchase the other gun packs you have available when I’ve a few more dollars to spare.

Fergle Gibson • www.payneandredemption.com • www.imdb.com/title/tt1986097/

I’m a french sound designer and I just wanted to congratulate you for the quality of your libraries. Your work is the best I’ve ever heard and it’s a pleasure to use your sounds to create things (I mostly work for video games). Don’t change anything and keep that level of result! I will continue to buy.

Nicolas Signat