May 23, 2024

Scorpio 32-Bit Float Test

Sound Devices just released the firmware update to enable the Scorpio and other 8-Series recorders to record in 32 Bit Float mode. I ran the update and all went well. I was excited to finally have the Scorpio record in 96k/32Bit so I grabbed a HK SP5 9mm and set up a MKH8040ST XY microphone in the yard and gave it a work out.

I recorded at 3 different input gain settings (12, 20, 26 on the dial) with supersonic and subsonic 9mm ammo. (Correction: limiter was engaged on the subsonic section but I since learned it is inactive in 32 bit mode.) I was standing 5 meters away from the microphone and blasted away!

All I can say is Wow! No clipping or distortion was noticed even when pitched down 2 octaves. You decide for yourself, I have made the raw file available for you to download. Check it out, let me know your thoughts.

This was a simple quick test and I hope to do further tests with larger caliber guns.

Thanks! Namaste – Frank