Shotgun Recording April 2016

During the month of April and into the first week of May 2016 I recorded in quite a few locations. I managed to borrow the Mossberg 5500 shotgun from a friend and recorded some fantastic sounding shots. I also shot a Mossberg 590 and a Benelli M4 in some of these locations. I attached a DPA 4062 lav microphone to the semi-automatic shotguns and placed a close up MKH8050 near the breach and set one or two stereo microphoes nearby for the echo tail.

Here are some of the photos and video frame grabs from those sessions. The second Shotguns HD Pro teaser trailer is also featured.

Enjoy! -Frank

Mossberg 5500 muzzle flash using high velocity slugs. Yes, It kicked hard!

MKH8050 microphone and attached DPA 4062 on the 5500

MKH-8040ST microphone and Hero-4 video camera also.

MKH8060, MKH8040ST microphones and attached DPA 4062 on the 5500

Low recoil slugs did not cycle the shotgun, stuck shotshell

Close-up view of the attached DPA 4062 on Mossberg 5500

Taking a break

The dirt pit with my favorite view of THE LAKE!

Yep, that’s me with my Mossberg 590 shotgun

Nothing like a nice muzzle flash from Hi-velaocity ammo

Most of the rounds fired for the library in a box

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  1. Martin Pavey
    Martin Pavey says:

    Wow! That’s sounding fantastic Frank.
    Can’t wait for this one to come out.
    I tried the DPA 4062 taped on myself in a recording session and it didn’t come out too well.
    You’re obviously getting good results though, so I’ll have to give it another shot.
    See what I did there? 😉

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