Welcome To New and Improved Website

A warm thanks to those who banged on the site during the re-launch yesterday! Bugs were fixed and other things buttoned up.

A Special note for The Recordist sound effects users: Thursday 4-30-15 is the last day that the collections will be available through my DPD delivery service. The current website now uses it’s own AWS server and purchases made between 2009 and May 16 2015 will no longer be available through DPD.

If you have not downloaded some of your collections of missed some product updates please contact me before April 30th. After May 1st you will need to create a account at the new website and request your purchases be added to the new system if you need to. If you have all your donwloads backed up this is not required but if you ever lose your collections because of a failed Hard Drive I can help. Please back up your data though.

As you may have heard I have completly re-done The Recordist website with a new e-commerce system and theme. Some of you know that it’s no easy task to rebuild a website from the ground up and boy, I have to say it was a time consuming process. My old website used a third party e-commerce shopping cart (DPD) that served me well for over five years. The guys that run DPD are wonderful and have a great set of tools for website shopping carts. Their system was not really build for WordPress and I had to hand code the data into a blog post and the rest is to boring to tell you.

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Supersonic Subsonic Bullets

After a year and a half of studying ammunition ballistics and acquiring all kinds of high speed and sub sonic ammunition, the recording of the second installment of Bullets HD Professional SFX library is underway. This time I’m going with larger calibers and shooting longer distances. This recording adventure is not easy and I will say it’s been one heck of a learning curve.

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The Making Of Thunderstorm 3 Part 1

October 7, 2014 – Frank Bry

In this article I will reveal my secrets and techniques to recording decent thunder and lightning. Many, many years and sleepless nights have gone into perfecting the art of recording the thunderstorm and I will finally share. But first, I want to share a little history and tell you how I developed these secrets and techniques. It was not so easy at first and here’s the story I’m still alive to tell. Part 1: Live and Learn.

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Thunderstorm 3 HD Pro SFX Library Update

Thunderstorm III HD Professional SFX library Update: Three years ago I started recording all new thunder and lightning sounds for this new collection. As you might guess you cannot call up the thunder gods and schedule a recording session or two. Strange I know but that’s the way they work. So, I’ve been slowly and patiently waiting, recording, waiting, recording, editing, waiting, recording, etc during this time and have recorded quite a bit of material.

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The Sound of Tree Falls

Whenever I do a major project around the house I try to record it. Whether I have a new sound effects collection in mind or not, I can’t resist setting up some microphones and rolling. I wanted to open up the back yard to get more sunlight and a better view of the sky and this involved cutting down a few very tall trees. These trees were about 80 to 100 feet tall so I had a friend come over with his tractor and chain saw to make the cuts and manage the clean up. Normally I would do this myself but since I wanted have multiple recorders and video cameras I thought it best to focus my attention on just the recording. This was the safest thing to do since the trees were very large and close to the house.

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