FREE Crazy Sound of the Year: August 2021. No gimmicks, no sign ups, no bullcookies – just a nice sounding thunderstorm recorded with two MKH-8040ST ORTF microphone sets back to back for free, my gift to all of you wonderful audio professionals.

I have multiple sets of Sennheiser MKH-8040 microphones. I use two matched stereo sets, one XY, the other ORTF and a back up set. As you may know I love using the MKH-8040 microphones on guns and other sources but one of my favorite uses is for recording the sound of lightning and thunder. I have been recording thunder for over 30 years and have released many collections. All of these have been in stereo and they are wonderful but I wanted to up my game a bit and record in four channel format.

As you may know, recording thunder is very difficult even with a stereo microphone. Setting up a four channel quad rig presents even more challenges. More microphones, cables and a protected location that will get good results totally got my juices flowing. I have a back up set of MKH-8040 microphones and Rycote blimps. All I needed was the Rycote ORTF mount with the Connbox to have a second ORTF rig. I purchased a mount and I was all set. I mounted the two ORTF sets on a bar, back to back and was happy that it lined up very well. Next thing I needed was a multi channel snake to run across the yard to my house where I can sit safely with my Scorpio recorder. I picked up a 6 channel audio snake for this and I was off and running. I even have two extra channels to run a third stereo microphone rig if I so desire. I only require 50 feet of snake so this was the best option for now. For longer runs I will look into using audio over Cat5 cable. More to come on that.

So there you have it, my story on how I put this together. I am very happy with the results. The quad soundscape is very wide and full. Check it out on a good surround system and let me know what you think. I plan on recording as much thunder as I can with this setup. I can’t really just call up a storm so this might take a while… maybe… I’ve been told I can control the weather. Enjoy the sounds! Much love, Frank

24-Bit 96k Quad Sound file GRAB IT HERE: 260MB Download

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Free Tire Sounds on Dry and Wet Dirt

Lately I’ve seen many requests on social media for car tire noise on dirt and pavement so I rigged up a down and dirty AT-835ST and MKH8040 microphone combination to my Tahoe SUV and went for a drive. As the sun came up and melted the roads I drove around some more on slightly wet dirt roads… with puddles.

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In December 2017 I spent a day recording bullet ricochet sounds using various suppressed rifles and calibers. One of the rifle platforms stood out… The 300 Blackout. The subsonic 7.62x35mm projectile is 4 times as heavy as a .223 round and travels at +/- 1020 feet per second. I was able to place a a Sennheiser MKH8040-ST XY stereo microphone 150 yards downrange and have my armourer carefully shoot bullets near the microphone. The idea was to have the projectiles hit the frozen ground just before and beyond the microphone. Some projectiles hit the soft frozen dirt while others bounced off rough gravel.
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Recorded a suppressed 300 Blackout rifle using Sellier & Bellot Tactical ammunition. This is the first time I’ve used this ammo and I am very happy with the “quiet” results when using a suppressor. This was just a quick test with my Sennheiser MKH8040ST XY microphone rig. First, I stood a meter away from the microphone and recorded multiple shots. I then moved back a couple of meters and faced the microphone in another direction and recorded more.
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FREE CRAZY SOUND of the month: May 2017. Cirrus Vision SF50 Personal Jet sounds. The Cirrus Vision SF50 is a single-engine, low-wing, seven-seat, very light jet aircraft designed and produced by Cirrus Aircraft. The aircraft was Federal Aviation Administration type certified on 28 October 2016, after a ten year development process. Read more

Recording the bullets for my new SFX library called BULLETS HD PRO has been quite an experience. So far I’ve recorded over a dozen guns from a .22 to a M-60 but nothing had sounded as cool or as strange as recording a Mossberg 590 shotgun with a special shell called the “Bolo”. A Bolo is two heavy duty slugs molded on to each end of a 5 inch piece of steel wire and when fire expands 240%.
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