May 23, 2024

Scorpio 32-Bit Float Test

Sound Devices just released the firmware update to enable the Scorpio and other 8-Series recorders to record in 32 Bit Float mode. I ran the update and all went well. I was excited to finally have the Scorpio record in 96k/32Bit so I grabbed a HK SP5 9mm and set up a MKH8040ST XY microphone in the yard and gave it a work out.

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Sound Devices 688 Field Recorder

AUDIO EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: Sound Devices 688 12-Input Field Production Mixer with 16-Track Recorder

The 688 is a production sound engineer’s dream come true – a portable audio powerhouse that incorporates multi-channel mixer, auto-mixer, recorder plus optional integrated powering and wireless system. By consolidating these functions, cabling requirements are significantly decreased, de-cluttering the sound mixer’s bag, increasing reliability and improving ease of use.

The 688 takes the finest aspects of the acclaimed 633, 664, and 788T and creatively combines them with new technology into an unrivaled production audio tool.
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Soundfield ST450 MKII

AUDIO EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: Mint Condition TSL Soundfield ST450 MKII Portable Mic System + Rycote Kit. Purchased late 2016 (one of the last ones made by TSL). Calibrated and cleaned by Rode in Australia late 2021. Serial number: 72612

The updated portable, battery-powered ST450 MKII microphone system is aimed at location recording film and TV sound specialists everywhere, and builds on the success of SoundField’s previous ST250, ST350 and ST450 portable microphone systems.
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November 6, 2023 – THUNDERSTORM 5 is alive! Thirty years ago I began recording thunderstorms while living in downtown Seattle in the early 1990s. I remember the very first lightning strike I ever recorded. I was on the rooftop of my apartment building with my AT-825 stereo microphone and my trusty Panasonic SV-255 portable DAT recorder. I heard the storm rolling in from the South so I stood in the doorway and patiently waited. Then… wham! Out of nowhere the strike hit the ground somewhere in the city and I was hooked! I was on a mission. After moving to North Idaho a few years later I was able to record thunderstorms without all the back ground noise of the city, the rest is history. Number 5 is alive!
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New York Times Magazine: How to Record Thunderstorms
“Find a quiet place and be patient. Prioritize your safety.” Illustration by Radio

I was contacted in March 2022 by The New York Times to discuss the ins and outs of recording thunderstorms for the Magazine section of their Sunday edition newspaper. Not a very technical article, mainly for beginners, that’s OK with me. It’s wonderful that a field recording article ended up in the Times.
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Hi all The Recordist fans!

Message from Frank:

In late 2021 Charles contacted me and filled me in on some bullet impact sounds he was creating for his work in a Seal Team episode that had lots of interior gun battles. He built a Soundminer v5 Radium preset with sounds from our sound collection called Bullets Re-Imagined. He added some interior reverb vibe and bounced them out so he could quickly work with them during his crazy ass busy work on the TV show. He liked them so much he wanted to share them. So, here they are in the original designed form and with the Radium preset he used. If you need sounds with no interior vibe, open the preset in Radium and have at it. 1000’s of combinations are at your finger tip. Enjoy! All my love. -Frank
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The Recordist is excited to present the series of HD Professional sound effects libraries featuring rare and unique guns. Next in this series is Submachine Guns. Recorded on a private 400 acre ranch in North Idaho with a huge array of microphones and handheld recorders.

Perspectives include: attached, very close, medium and distant. From just a few inches out to 150 meters, this collection offers a wide range of multi-channel source material. 10 mono and 7 stereo microphones time aligned and level matched provide a “ready to go” set of 24-bit 96k WAV files with detailed Soundminer Pro metadata from this crazy collection of magazine-fed, automatic carbines. Single and burst variations are included along with mechanical action “foley” sounds. Special close-up and medium distant designed microphone combinations are also included. The weapons recorded are authentic, not replicas.

As a bonus a Glock 18 machine pistol which is a self-loading pistol capable of burst or fully automatic fire is included.
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The AK: Kalashnikov Rifles is a comprehensive library of single-shot and full-automatic fire from a variety of legendary Kalashnikov assault rifles. Modern versions of this classic weapon are also included. Recorded with multiple microphones and at various distances to give you a wide variety of angles to use. Recorded at my favorite locations around North Idaho. They include a wide open field, forest and a ranch that has fantastic detail and character in the echo tail. As a bonus, suppressed shots with subsonic and supersonic ammunition are included.
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The Recordist is excited to present Helicopters 2 HD Professional – the second chapter to one of our most popular library series.

Helicopters 2 HD Pro continues the journey started with Helicopters 1 back in 2015. After 3 years of going to the local airport and recording various rotorcraft I can finally reveal to you this stunning set of 97 sounds from a wide variety of helicopters.
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Five years in the making and 34 storms later the next chapter in this sonic adventure is complete. 60 brand new thunder sounds including close up dry lightning, deep booming rumbles and gentle claps.
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