Hi all The Recordist fans!

Message from Frank:

In late 2021 Charles contacted me and filled me in on some bullet impact sounds he was creating for his work in a Seal Team episode that had lots of interior gun battles. He built a Soundminer v5 Radium preset with sounds from our sound collection called Bullets Re-Imagined. He added some interior reverb vibe and bounced them out so he could quickly work with them during his crazy ass busy work on the TV show. He liked them so much he wanted to share them. So, here they are in the original designed form and with the Radium preset he used. If you need sounds with no interior vibe, open the preset in Radium and have at it. 1000’s of combinations are at your finger tip. Enjoy! All my love. -Frank

From Mr. Maynes:
In my travels for Seal Team, I had a fun episode (actually, it was a lot of really hard work to be truthful) where I needed to create a bunch of different interior impacts for a extended shootout which took place in a huge underground space. In working through this, I found that Radium was a perfect tool to create a bunch of new materials for this which were sourced from the Bullets Re-Imagined library which came out this last year. In using the source, I was layering the recordings, and them doing some pitch modifications to further vary them (since I needed a lot of different impacts). I then used the FX rack in Soundminer to give a bit of an inside reverb to the full mix.

I think the results were pretty neat, and you can try using the included Radium preset to get your own unique results as well-

Have a great 2022!

Charles & Frank