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Tire Sounds on Dry and Wet Dirt

Free Tire Sounds on Dry and Wet Dirt

Lately I’ve seen many requests on social media for car tire noise on dirt and pavement so I rigged up a down and dirty AT-835ST and MKH8040 microphone combination to my Tahoe SUV and went for a drive. As the sun came up and melted the roads I drove around some more on slightly wet dirt roads… with puddles.

I drove up a private drive that went up a steep hill and then coasted down in neutral. I hit a few puddles along the way and slowly drove through some really wet mud for that “squishy tie” sound. The main dirt road was freshly graded this morning and made for some really smooth dirt and tire elements. I did transition to pavement one time, down and up a steep hill.

FREE DOWNLOAD REMOVED. These sounds will be included in a new HD Professional Sound Effects library coming out later this summer. -Frank

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