In December 2017 I spent a day recording bullet ricochet sounds using various suppressed rifles and calibers. One of the rifle platforms stood out… The 300 Blackout. The subsonic 7.62x35mm projectile is 4 times as heavy as a .223 round and travels at +/- 1020 feet per second. I was able to place a a Sennheiser MKH8040-ST XY stereo microphone 150 yards downrange and have my armourer carefully shoot bullets near the microphone. The idea was to have the projectiles hit the frozen ground just before and beyond the microphone. Some projectiles hit the soft frozen dirt while others bounced off rough gravel.

Below is a download link to some of the 300 Blackout sounds recorded that day. Enjoy! -Frank

This video contains sounds recorded with a Sennheiser MKH8040-ST XY Stereo Microphone. The shot sound is from a recording session at my home and I added the ricochet sound from a December 2017 recording session for BULLETS 3 Sound FX Library… The BULLETS 3!… which will be available this summer. If you use the sounds in your work, please let me know. (See license information below)

24 Bit 98K WAV File Download Link: FREE 300 Blackout Ricochets

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    oh, have these been removed? the link to this and the suppressed blackout rifle shots don’t seem to work anymore.

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