Idaho: June 5, 2019

The Recordist is pleased to announce GUNFALL (One) HD Professional. The first in a series of sound collections that feature gun drops, kicks, slides, drags, butt stock hits and general mechanical handling layers from a variety of firearms. Featuring handguns, assault rifles, bolt action rifles and shotguns (double barrel & tactical) against a wide selection of surfaces. Also included are interior and exterior versions for a few surfaces.

This collection of over 3000 sounds was recorded with a Schoeps MS microphone set to a Sound Devices recorder. The files are decoded stereo from the original raw MS source. The Schoeps MK4/MK8 combination produced a very natural sound and summing to mono is perfect. Thanks! -Frank

Equipment Used:
Sound Devices 702 | Schoeps MS Pair MK4(mid) MK8(side)

Drop • Place down • Pick up (Grab) • Slide • Scrape • Drag • Kick • Tumble • Hit • Shake.

Dirt • Asphalt • Concrete • Carpet • Grass • Leaves • Brush • Snow • Sand • Stones • Metal (Grate-Mesh-Car) • Trash • Wood • Water.

Available Now for $169.00

In December 2017 I spent a day recording bullet ricochet sounds using various suppressed rifles and calibers. One of the rifle platforms stood out… The 300 Blackout. The subsonic 7.62x35mm projectile is 4 times as heavy as a .223 round and travels at +/- 1020 feet per second. I was able to place a a Sennheiser MKH8040-ST XY stereo microphone 150 yards downrange and have my armourer carefully shoot bullets near the microphone. The idea was to have the projectiles hit the frozen ground just before and beyond the microphone. Some projectiles hit the soft frozen dirt while others bounced off rough gravel.
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Recorded a suppressed 300 Blackout rifle using Sellier & Bellot Tactical ammunition. This is the first time I’ve used this ammo and I am very happy with the “quiet” results when using a suppressor. This was just a quick test with my Sennheiser MKH8040ST XY microphone rig. First, I stood a meter away from the microphone and recorded multiple shots. I then moved back a couple of meters and faced the microphone in another direction and recorded more.
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You may have heard a rumor through the social network grapevine that I finally took a Barrett 99 50 BMG rifle out into the North Idaho wilderness and recorded the tiny little sound it makes. Well, it’s true. I did, and it was LOUD… and so much fun capture such an amazing sounding gun. I have never recorded such a large rifle before and was very anxious after recording 15 body thumping shots to get back to the studio and listen to the multi-microphone recordings. In this blog post I will explain to the best of my “spell correcting” ability how I set up and what gear I used to capture the incredible echo this gun produced on a secret 400 acre ranch.

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