Shotgun Recording March 2016

The recording sessions for Shotguns HD Pro are complete. During month of March 2016 and into April I recorded in many locations in and around North Idaho. Most of the time I was doing the shooting by myself and one other time I had a fantastic shooter handling the chore. Here are a few photos from the recording sessions that took place during the last remaining sound effects gathering dates.

I recorded in my yard, at a nice mountain quarry with a spectacular view of the “Lake” as we call it up here and a wide open 400 acre ranch with virtually no echo tail. Having a near “echo free” environment to record a Lavalier microphone attached to a semi-automatic shotgun was fantastic. Also, the sound obtained from the other microphones placed at various distances was interesting indeed. Just the loud, punchy shot transient with a echo tail that came back three seconds later and was 2000 feet away.

Enjoy! -Frank

Shotgun photo 1

Recorded some great gravel quarry sounds here. The microphones were facing the lake and I was shooting between them. Got a wonderful, bright and quick decay echo with a slight “ping” sound.

Shotgun photo 2

Mountain forest location that produced a nice, long echo tail. Very dense with slight slap back echoes.

Mountain forest next to a small pond

Shotgun photo 9 ranch

A wide open 400 acre ranch. No echo after the initial shot but 3 seconds later it come back. Recorded shotgun mech and medium distant perspectives.

Shotgun photo 10 ranch

A wide open 400 acre ranch. The muzzle flash.

Here is a “Designed Shotgun” video teaser for SHOTGUNS HD Professional Sound FX Library. The Annihilator and The Vaporizer are showcased in the video.