Crazy Sound of the Month: Sept, 2012

MuaserHere is the sound of a custom Mauser 6.5×300 Weatherby rifle I recorded during the cliff bullet ricochet sessions earlier in September 2012. This is a special rifle that shoots large custom bullets. The shell is squeezed down in size to fit the barrel. I’m not sure why, but someone does.

I set up in a clearing right at the edge of where the rock ledge began to slope downward towards a 600 meter or more drop off. I really have no idea how far down the forest floor was but it seemed like a good idea not to fall off. I placed a MKH-8040 on each side of the gun approximately 3 meters away and slightly behind the muzzle. I placed the MKH-8040ST XY90 microphone rig 6 meters behind the gun. We recorded 15 shots and I moved the microphones around after a few just to get a different sound.

I had some challenges way up in the mountains at over 3500 feet such as flying grasshoppers, fairly strong wind gusts, burning sunshine and the occasional floatplane passing overhead. All in all the session went well and aside from getting very tired chasing the grasshoppers away I was thrilled.

The sound below has one of the shots I recorded and I included the full microphone mix, the MKH8040ST, the MKH8040 (L-R dual mono stereo) and the MKH8040ST played back at 50% and 25% speed. The file is available for a short time at 24/96 so you can hear the full bandwidth of the 8040 mics and experiment with various processes. I did add some Compression and L2 limiting to bring out the beautiful mountain reverb tail and if you listen closely you can hear the bullet hit a rock very far away (2.8 seconds after the shot). FREE and Downloadable at 24-Bit 96kHz.Enjoy! -Frank

Muaser Microphone placement

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