The Sound of Black Powder

Some video footage from recording the sound of black powder and regular gun powder for Explosives HD Pro SFX Library earlier this year. Black powder and gun powder are basically the same thing but gun powder comes in the smokeless type also. Enjoy! -Frank

Here is some video footage from recording the sound of black powder for Explosives HD Pro SFX Library. The audio track in this video is from a MKH-8040ST. Other microphones I used during the sessions were a MKH-416 and a Sanken CSS-5. Recorded over a 2 week period, I was experimenting with a few different types of black powder to see what sounds it would make separately and combined. As you can hear in this demonstration the smokeless kind produces a nice fat flame rumble while the regular kind makes a bright flash and sizzle.

Here is some video from recording the sound of gun powder for Explosives HD Pro SFX Library. The sound in the video is from a dual mono microphone setup using a MKH8040 and a MKH416. Each microphone has its own distinct sound and when blended, work really well together. The Rycote windjammers look like they are being cooked but they appear closer that than actually were. It was windy when I started and then it calmed a bit so I removed them.

These sessions went very well. Making Ultimate Fire SFX helped in knowing when to back off with the microphones when it got to hot. I did end up getting a new Rycote blimp for my MKH8040ST just in case it melted a bit. Just a precaution, I did not notice any melting or difference in sound, but I did not want to risk using it anymore. Rycote makes their gear to fairly exacting specs with the cloth and plastics used. Better safe than sorry when out recording stuff. Fire is crazy sometimes and the “Fire Gods” were looking out for me 🙂

All images and sound effects copyright 2012 Frank Bry – Creative Sound Design
Music by the amazing Mick Gordon