Full Auto Gun Recording

Sometimes You Just Roll With it…

Being a sound effects recordist has it’s special moments… moments when you just have to let go and qo with the day. It’s been a while since I have experienced this as running my online business, contract sound design work and all the other things that go along with living life as a self employed maniac take up all of my time and having a structured schedule is a priority. Every now and then something comes up where you just have to throw all this out the window and go with the moment.

This happened to me a while back when a friend contacted me very early in the morning during a “regular” work day and said “we are going out to shoot some machine guns and suppressors today, wanna come along?” “Ahhh… OK, when and where are you going?” I asked. He said ” meet us at 11AM at a gas station, we’ll go grab some lunch, then we will figure the rest out” OK, now the day became very interesting before it even started.

Having only had two cups of coffee when I got the call, I quickly consumed a third and then had to think very quickly about what recording gear I was going to bring, what the weather forcast was for that day and yes, I had to get myself together at that hour in the morning. First thing to tackle was the gear. There were many unknowns at this point so I had to pick as few microphones as possible for recording guns. The reason for this is that I had no idea what and where the location was going to be and it looked as though the weather may get bad later in the day with rain and wind creeeping down from the North. Having the least amount of microphones would allow me to pack up quickly in case a storm showed up plus the fact that there was not much room for the gear on the trip.

More to come…

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  1. Anders J
    Anders J says:

    Oh lovely recordings there.. Sounds a lil sharper and more at the direction I want as a base. I have all you other gun fire sound packs, but this sounded really good! Just get it out! 😀
    Love that M249 sound.

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