Full Auto Gun Recording

Sometimes You Just Roll With it…

Being a sound effects recordist has it’s special moments… moments when you just have to let go and qo with the day. It’s been a while since I have experienced this as running my online business, contract sound design work and all the other things that go along with living life as a self employed maniac take up all of my time and having a structured schedule is a priority. Every now and then something comes up where you just have to throw all this out the window and go with the moment.

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Suppressed Gun In The Mountains


The opportunity came up today to trek high in the mountains (3500 feet or more I think) and record a Barrett 98B sniper rifle into a massive canyon. The guys from Wrenco Arms were kind enough to let me tag along with my gear and do some recording. I brought my MKH-8040ST rig and that’s all I could bring as we were at a rock cliff and the long ride up in a 4×4 buggy was rough. Once there I was able to record many 98B shots and the mountain echo was simply amazing. One of the guns they brought along was a Rock River Arms LAR15 with a suppressor and after using up all the 98B ammo they shot off the semi automatic rifle into the forest below. The bullets ricocheted at times and this sound just blew me away. Because the gun is suppressed there is no loud trailing echo so the ricochets really stand out.
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