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From the wilderness of the North Idaho Panhandle, mostly from my ranch, comes a crazy collection of bats, birds and bugs.

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From the wilderness of the North Idaho Panhandle, mostly from my ranch, comes a crazy collection of bats, birds and bugs. Recorded over a year and a half, Bats, Birds & Bugs HD Professional Sound Effects Library stars some of the best animal actors money can’t buy. They did not charge any fee as they like to just work at their own pace and show up when and where they want to. I spent countless hours sitting by the microphones trying to get performances worthy of their talent but in the end it was many coffee breaks and just plain waiting.

All of these sound recordings are from various acts of nature. They just happened and caught me by complete surprise most of the time. I spent time in my yard, out in the pastures of Sagle Idaho and the high mountains in and around Sandpoint to capture this off-beat set of sounds at 24-Bit 96kHz.

Bats are tough to record. After hours af recording I was able to pick out just a few great squeaks. Most of their noises are above the range of human hearing. Birds on the other hand were all over the place. Sometimes when recording one bird another would jump in and upstage the one I was trying to get. Included in this library are bird nest feeding, wing flaps, chirps, squawks and fly bys. One of the birds liked to jump on the MKH-416 and walk across it like it was a branch and then return to chirping and head-banging a large window. There is the sound of a hummingbird and a very pissed off Robin. Every year some wild turkeys hang around until a fox eats them up for dinner and I was able to chase them around sometimes but they did not want any part of this production. Some chickens and a cocky rooster are also included.

The insects are crazy if not somewhat strange. Included is a moth, a stink bug, a alien beetle due and totally disgusting house flies. The crickets in this collection were recorded with ultra high frequency microphones and they produce sounds in the 35K range. Pitched down is when you can really hear all the crickets doing their mating call (I assume).

Most of this collection was recorded with ultra high frequency microphones and when pitched down and mangled the options for a spooky fantasy forest are endless. I hope you enjoy this library at least as much as I did recording it. I learned a great deal about certain animals and am better for it. -Frank

Equipment Used:
Sound Devices 702 – Sennheiser MKH-8040ST – Sennheiser MKH-8060 – Sennheiser MKH-416 – Sanken CSS-5 – Audio Technica AT-835ST – Sony PCM-D1 – Sony D-50

Files: 600+ • Download: 1.2GB • Format: Stereo/Mono • Bit Depth: 24-Bit • Sample Rate: 96kHz • Metadata: Soundminer/BWAV

Complete PDF Sound description list: Sound File List PDF

Complete XLS Sound description list: Sound File List XLS

• Ambience: Exterior: Country Day Field, Cicadas, Busy 01 D50
• Ambience: Exterior: Morning Birdsong Busy Chirping And Tweeting 01 MKH8040ST
• Animal, Bat Squeaks And Chirps 01 MKH416
• Animal, Bird: Dark Eyed Junco Chirping 01 MKH416
• Animal, Bird: Hummingbird: Wing Flaps, Flight 01 PCM-D1
• Animal, Bird: Ravens Squawk Chase Calls 01 MKH416
• Animal, Bird: Robin Chirp Angry Protecting Nest MKH8060
• Animal, Bird: Robin Chirp Young Chick In Nest 01 10x MKH8060
• Animal, Bird: Robin Chirping Baby Chick 01 9x MKH8060
• Animal, Bird: Robin Chirping Playful Laugh MKH416
• Animal, Bird: Turkeys Fly Away Into Forest Wing Flaps 01 MKH416
• Animal, Bird: Wing Flaps Random Flutters 6x MKH416
• Animal, Bird: Wren Feeding Baby Chicks 01 MKH416
• Animal, Chicken: Clucking 01 MKH416
• Animal, Chicken: Wing Flaps And Clucks 2x PCMD1
• Insect, Bee: Buzz Close Up 01 MKH8040
• Insect, Cicada And Cricket At Night In Bushes 01 MKH8040ST
• Insect: Beetle Bug Wing Flaps Flight Scurry Movement MKH416
• Insect: Moth: Wing Flaps Large Fast Patter 01 MKH8060
• Insect: Stink Bug: Buzz Flight Wings 7x MKH416

Read more about some of the sessions here: Wren Feeding

For a month now I have been hearing this faint and frantic bird tweeting when at the south side of the house. I knew there was a birds nest around there somewhere but could not locate it. The chirping was very quiet and high pitched as they were very young chicks in the nest. I decided to wait until they were more mature to try and record them. Now they are louder and deeper in pitch than before and I was able to locate them in a small shrub very close to the outside wall of the house. Every time the mother fed them they went crazy like they were at a concert or something.

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