The Recordist presents the third installment of the famed Bullets Sound FX Series.

Bullets 3 has taken four years of intricate and complicated recording sessions of sub-sonic and super-sonic bullets impacting and bouncing off a multitude of surfaces. This sound effects library is a ricochet dream come true! Many calibers and locations were uitilized to provide the sound designer with a wide range of options when designing bullet sounds.

Included are intricate designs of impacts, ricochets, pass bys and whizzes by yours truly and the source material used to create the complex and hard hitting sounds. The source material was recorded with high end, extended frequency microphones and custom hand crafted ammunition. Suppressors were used on a variety of rifles including a AK-47, AR-15, .308 hunting rifle, 9mm black gun, 22LR, 300 Blackout and more.

I know you all have waited a very long time for this collection and it was well worth it! *** PLEASE NOTE: This is Stage 1. Stage 2 will be available sometime this summer with more crazy bullet material. All purchasers will receive Stage 2 free of charge!

Check it out here:
Bullets 3 HD Professional Released!