Kalashnikov Rifles Released

The AK: Kalashnikov Rifles is a comprehensive library of single-shot and full-automatic fire from a variety of legendary Kalashnikov assault rifles. Modern versions of this classic weapon are also included. Recorded with multiple microphones and at various distances to give you a wide variety of angles to use. Recorded at my favorite locations around North Idaho. They include a wide open field, forest and a ranch that has fantastic detail and character in the echo tail. As a bonus, suppressed shots with subsonic and supersonic ammunition are included.

Special composite sounds are also included for quick inclusion into your work. If you are strapped for time or feel the composite sounds fit your sound design needs, go for it! They aim to please. Mechanical racking, shell casings falling and magazine actions round out this collection. This set may be updated in the future as I record more from this weapon, we’ll see… It will be free.

Available now from The Recordist! The AK Sound FX Collection