Midnight Shotgun Shooting

A few nights ago I was trying to record the thunderstorm that was rolling in from the south and some dogs were barking about a hundred yards away. They bark every night for hours trying to scare off the deer. One of the things I tried to do is scare them off with my shotgun. It was around midnight and very quiet outside.

My Sennheiser MKH-8040ST rig was set up outside the front door and I was able to get some rumbles but the storm fizzled out but the dogs kept on barking. I went to the back side of the house and shot off a few shells into the woods away from the dogs I assure you. I forgot that the recorder was still rolling and the shots were recorded. The echo is wonderful that late at night with little city rumble or cars.

The shots are behind my house to the side of the mic setup and here is what I got:

Thanks for listening, just wanted to share the echo! -Frank