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The Recordist is excited to present the series of HD Professional sound effects libraries featuring rare and unique guns. Next in this series is Submachine Guns. Recorded on a private 400 acre ranch in North Idaho with a huge array of microphones and handheld recorders.

Perspectives include: attached, very close, medium and distant. From just a few inches out to 150 meters, this collection offers a wide range of multi-channel source material. 10 mono and 7 stereo microphones time aligned and level matched provide a “ready to go” set of 24-bit 96k WAV files with detailed Soundminer Pro metadata from this crazy collection of magazine-fed, automatic carbines. Single and burst variations are included along with mechanical action “foley” sounds. Special close-up and medium distant designed microphone combinations are also included. The weapons recorded are authentic, not replicas.

As a bonus a Glock 18 machine pistol which is a self-loading pistol capable of burst or fully automatic fire is included.
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