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The Recordist is proud to present a whole new series of HD Professional sound effects libraries featuring rare and unique guns. Second in the series is the Vickers .303 British machine gun. Recorded on a 400 acre ranch in North Idaho with a huge amount of microphones and handheld recorders. Perspectives include attached, very close, medium and distant. From just a few inches out to 150 meters this collection has you covered. 10 mono and 7 stereo microphones provide a wide range of source material from this amazing “Steam Punk” machine gun. The weapon recorded is authentic, not a replica.
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Idaho: June 5, 2019

The Recordist is pleased to announce GUNFALL (One) HD Professional. The first in a series of sound collections that feature gun drops, kicks, slides, drags, butt stock hits and general mechanical handling layers from a variety of firearms. Featuring handguns, assault rifles, bolt action rifles and shotguns (double barrel & tactical) against a wide selection of surfaces. Also included are interior and exterior versions for a few surfaces.
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Gun Recording on May 30, 2010

Over the holiday weekend I decided to give a shot at recording guns. My sister and her friend were hanging around so we grabbed his Glock 19 and I had my Remington 870 Shotgun. We shot over 150 rounds of ammunition.

We need something to prevent bullet ricos so I found a very wet bail of hay in the garden and proceeded to install it with the JD. I learned a great deal and plan to do much more with different guns, microphones and locations. Gear included: SD702/CSS5 and FR2/AT835ST at 24Bit-192k
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