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Thunderstorm 4 HD Pro Released

Five years in the making and 34 storms later the next chapter in this sonic adventure is complete. 60 brand new thunder sounds including close up dry lightning, deep booming rumbles and gentle claps.
Welcome to Chapter 4 of the greatest thunder & lightning sound show on earth. These are some of the finest thunder sound effects I’ve ever recorded. During the last five years I set up my gear to record so many times I lost count. Not really knowing what these crazy North Idaho storms will produce in terms of aural goodness can be exciting and frustrating. When a good storm arrives, which usually means a system that brings lots of wind and rain, I cross my fingers that I can get at least something decent recorded. Five times out of ten it means I recorded nothing worth keeping.

These storms can sneak up so fast that sometimes I have no time to set up the full compliment of gear. I have just enough time to set a PCM D100 out on the front step and roll. But every so often I get “the one” or “two” claps, strikes, rumbles, whatever you want to call them. When a storm skirts the edge of my area is when I get the best dry lighting. Cloud to cloud lightning is also amazing and the sound is produced high in the clouds for perfect gentle claps and rumbles with little to no rain. And of course the heavy downpours… They can flood the driveway and make some fantastic splashing rain and thunder sounds.

Multiple microphone setups were used during some of the storms (when I had time to set them up). I use a few weather/lightning Apps to track incoming storms and when I have time I can get the most coverage. I have a few locations around the yard that allow me to place microphones or hand held recorders such as the PCM D100 facing South, North, East, West. With these sets I was able to cover 3 directions at once. I had the ST-450 MK2 Ambisonic out there a few times but because of the short cable length and not so great storms I only used a bit of the recordings.

This collection contains the best thunder North Idaho has to offer during a five year period. Includes a few of “the one”. Does not include the few I missed… Enjoy! -Frank

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Thunderstorm 4 HD Pro

Release Date: 12/10/19