Ultimate Chain SFX Library Preview 2

Ultimate Chain SFX Library

Here is a second preview with audio, photos and a little background in the making of my forthcoming sounds effects library called ULTIMATE CHAIN.

This time I wanted to record some gearbox type chain sound effects. I have an old wood cooking stove that was here on the ranch when I purchased it and have been keeping it around for sound effects recording. I’ve dropped it, smashed it and rolled it down hills and it is still in one piece! They don’t make them like they used to I guess because this one won’t die. I used a medium and large heavy chain and pulled them across some old metal pieces laying on top of the stove.

I really liked the deep hollow box sound from the stove along with the jangly aspect from an old chunk of metal from a bulldozer blade and a piece of heavy duty fence post. It was tough controlling the rhythym and the pace while I was pulling with the extra metal on the stove but after a few practice runs I was able to get some cool gearbox clanks and grinding sounds. The large chain was really heavy and I could not move it or pull it across with one hand. This chain also has some big hooks at each end that made a great clank when dropped on top of the stove.

The sounds you hear in the demo are played back at half speed to demostrate the effects you will able to create with this library. The 8040’s really hold up well played at this speed. It’s nice to hear the upper frequencies retained.

Enjoy! -Frank

Equipment Used:
Sound Devices 702 and a stereo Sennheiser MKH-8040 setup.

Chain Recording

Below are some pitched down preview sounds from the forthcoming ULTIMATE CHAIN SFX LIBRARY…. It’s coming real soon you hear!