Broken Beetle Bug Recording

On Sunday, August 8th 2010 I was sitting on my deck after a sweaty rock recording trip watching the meteor shower over the north sky whan I heard this “Buzzzzzzz…. Thwack!” I turned around and saw this huge bug on the deck trying to get himself upright and fly toward the porch light. It seems he hit the side of the house so hard that a wing busted off.

I sat there for a while and kept hearing a buzz and then a soft hit so I went and got my recorder and followed the bug around. Every time he tried to take off and fly he flew in circles and crash landed. He would end up on his back with his legs furiously trying to get himself turned over and ready for takeoff. Now and then he would scurry away towards the wall and try and climb up. He eventually landed on the recorder and made some cool vocal squeaks. I had a very hard time getting him off the recorder. (Sony PCM-D1)

Below are some crazy bug sounds.

Broken Beetle 8-8-10

Beetle with a broken wing attempting flight

Broken Beetle 8-8-10

Beetle with a broken wing aborted takeoff

Broken Beetle 8-8-10

Beetle with a broken wing trying to get flipped

Broken Beetle 8-8-10

Beetle with a broken wing OK now

Broken Beetle 8-8-10

Beetle with a broken wing on the PCM-D1

Ultimate Rockslide Final Session

Ultimate Rockslide SFX Recording Pics, August 8, 2010

On Sunday, August 8th, 2010 I made one last trek up to the rock quarry blasting area to record the final sounds needed for my Ultimate Rockslide SFX Library. I was looking to get breaking, scraping, movements and impacts. After an hour of throwing rocks, climbing around the cliff and pushing boulders around I had 100 new sounds. Needless to say my legs were quite sore the next day. I’m not in the same shape I was 20 years ago but it was well worth the pain the next day. Below are some of the photos.


Ultimate Rockslide 8-8-10

OK, one more sweaty recording session

Ultimate Rockslide 8-8-10

Kind of small, but OK

Ultimate Rockslide 8-8-10

Some rocks were soft and split into a million pieces

Ultimate Rockslide 8-8-10

Seems a little heavy after 40 smashes completed

Ultimate Rockslide 8-8-10

Yeah, I did climb up one last time, the sun was setting, man... that CSS-5 was heavy

Ultimate Rockslide 8-8-10

Just a little big for me to move around, found some smaller ones

Ultimate Rockslide 8-8-10

The view of the lake looking east towards Montana from the mountain quarry

Ultimate Concrete SFX Library Pics

My photos from some of the recording sessions for my new SoundBox Professional sound effects library “Ultimate Concrete.” Recorded at 24-Bit/96kHz with a multitude of microphones and portable flash recorders over the last year in Sandpoint, Idaho.

I recorded way too many cement blocks, slabs, bricks, clay pots, debris drops, wheel barrel dumps, etc. A great way to keep in shape or throw out your back.

A special thanks goes out to my John Deere 4110 tractor which made the large concrete slab recordings possible.


Ultimate Concrete

The story behind Ultimate Concrete:
A couple of winters ago North Idaho got more than the normal amount of snowfall. (What is normal in North Idaho?) 15 feet over the course of the winter to be exact. My garage has a metal roof that the snow would usually slide off of during the course of the winter. Well, the winter of 2008 it did not in the area around the chimney that was installed. One day it decided it was time to come down and took the top 6 feet  of the chimney with it. I wish I had a recorder running, it was quite a sound.

After the spring thaw I cleaned up the mess and set the 3 sections of the chimney aside. A few months later I started thinking of ways to use the large chimney chunks for a game project I was working on. I needed some hollow rock scraping sounds and I was off dragging the chunks around the driveway, and inside the garage. As usual, I could not get enough of this chimney and decided it was time to enlist the tractor for some drops and crashes.

I found quite a few cinderblocks around the back of the barn and came up with a way to pull the chinmey sections from the raised tractor bucket down onto the pile of cinderblocks. After a while I had a bunch of crushed cinderblocks laying around and that’s when it hit me….. Ultimate Concrete.

Over the course of the next year I recorded tons of other concrete sounds. My cement sidewalk that I tore up, more cinderblocks, sledghammer impacts, scrapes, movements, etc. My favorite was recording the sidewalk slabs, and a sore back would not stop me from having a great time!

Equipment Used:
Sound Devices 702
Fostex FR-2
Sony PCM-D1
Sony PCM-D50
Sanken CSS5
Audio Technica AT835-ST
John Deere 4110 Tractor
6 pairs of contractor gloves
Oban 14 year old single malt scotch

Bee Talking June 9 2010

I walked out to my garage early this morning and heard a strange buzzing sound coming from the back. I saw a single bee sitting there and it was making a sound I have never heard before. I am used to hearing them buzz as they fly against the window trying to get out. This was different, it was like it was talking.

I ran back to the house and grabbed my Sony PCM-D1 which I keep close to the door in case I need to set up quickly. I was not sure how long the bee would be there so I started recording immediately.

The bee would sit on the window and make his talking sounds and then fly around close to the window without hitting it. Then it would stop and start talking again. Every now and then I would hold the Sony right on him and he would jump on and “talk” then fly away. It was like a pet in a way but I’m not sure it enjoyed the Sony being so close. Maybe he was stinging it, I’m not sure.

I think I finally have enough flying insect sounds for a new library. Below are some quick edits I made and strung together.

Bee Buzzing 100612 by therecordist

Bee Talking 2010