Ultimate Mud SFX Library Preview

Ultimate Mud
Here are some pics and audio clips from my Ultimate Mud SFX Library.

This one of a kind collection contains 464 slimy and wet mud sound effects recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz.

Includes: splats, splashes, drips, pours, bubbles, gurgles, movements, impacts, spooges, suction and much more.

I recorded dumping mud from my tractor, a large pail, and shovel. I also used the rubber boots to walk around and get myself stuck ...

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Extreme Home Makeover Idaho Edition

It happened again, I’m sitting on my porch enjoying a good morning cup of coffee and I hear something of in the distance. Cracking, crunching, hitting and a diesel engine. I must go record this I thought to myself so I ran inside, grabbed my gear and drove up the street a bit to where the house I recorded glass breaking in is being ripped apart by a logging claw. I was there in less than five minutes but the ...

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Ultimate Mud SFX Library Recording

As I am making the Ultimate Mud SFX Library I’m always trying to come up with new ways to create unique mud sounds. So far I’ve used my feet, shovels, my hands, buckets and logs. I decided one day last week to go bigger and better (hopefully) so it was time to get the JD tractor going and see if I could dump some mud.

It had just rained heavily for 3 days straight and my mud bog had filled back ...

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Glass Window Breaking Then And Now

I’ve always had the strangest luck, fate, universe is looking out for me kind of thing going on my whole life. I’m going to take a trip down memory lane here in this blog post and then jump forward to today.


Back in 2000 I had a good friend who had just purchased a defunct steam power plant in Seattle Washington call me up and say “You better get over here ASAP and record this place before I tear it down ...

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The story behind Ultimate Snow SFX Library

Snow is another of the sound sources I’ve used quite a bit in the video games I’ve worked on such as Dungeon Siege, Neverwinter Nights and Demigod.

North Idaho gets its share of snow. Living here in the winter is fairly tough when we get lots and lots of snow but it also creates an wonderful opportunity to record some great snow sounds. We get all kinds of snow: slushy, icy, brittle, hard, soft, heavy, light, you name it. Over the ...

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