THE HAWK has been updated!

Over 5GB of new exterior and interior sounds! Using a Soundfield ST-450 MKII, interior B-Format Ambisonic sounds from ground runs and a 30 minute flight are featured in their entirety. I was also able to crouch under the nose of the UH-60 as it was performing a ground test and recorded the blades spinning overhead… Yes, that was intense! I also placed a microphone in a open wind for a fantastic mix of interior and exterior. Close up engine starts/stops were also captured. Stereo versions from the Soundfield ST-450 MKII are included.

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If you would like to hear what’s in the final update to THE HAWK check out the video: Sights & Sounds of a Blackhawk. B-Format Ambisonic and Schoeps MS Stereo audio. Enjoy! -Frank

Photos of the recording session

Waiting between ground run tests

Recording nothing but blade! The UH-60 puts out LOTS of wind!

Securing the ST450 MK2 inside the UH-60A with my little helper

A very happy guy! My Soundfield ST450 MK2 is going for a ride!