John Deere 4110 On Board Recording

Testing, testing, 1,2,3… This is just a test. Today I took some time out from the recording and editing of my next Ultimate library and strapped a microphone to the back of my John Deere 4110 tractor and drove around the ranch to see what I could learn. I usually only record breaking and burning stuff so this is relatively new to me. I used my AT 835-ST mic for reasons unknown except if it fell off I would not really freak out. Its a good mic but I would not use the 8040s.

John Deere 4110 Onboard 2011

I really did not have a lot of time to do a full set of recordings, I just wanted to see how the Hydra-Static drive sounded. When I’m operating to tractor for more practical purposes I always notice the drive noise. This is a diesel tractor with a small 3 piston engine. It’s quite cool sounding by itself especially from a cold start. It grunts and farts until it’s warmed up. I want to record that sometime along with the other perspectives of the tractor.

I still need to explore dampening the rattles and other noises the tractor makes that might hinder a clean recording. We’ll see how that goes, this tractor makes all kinds of strange noises sometimes. It’s not brand new but in “John Deere Years” it’s just a baby at 9 years old.

John Deere 4110 Onboard 2011

The first recording is from driving down and then back up a steep hill. I have some old logging roads on my ranch that weave around the property and I liked the strain on the drive as I can back up. The birds and crickets were in full swing today so it was not a great day to get a clean recording.

The second recording is from driving down my dirt driveway and then onto a paved road and driving up and down a slight hill at full trottle in high gear. I liked how the drive wound up to full speed.

I am totally open to suggestions from anyone experienced in onboard vehicle recording. I want to learn more about the process. Finally the sun was out today!