Ultimate Rockslide Recording on June 29, 2010

My desire for creating the Ultimate Rockslide sound effects library led me back to my favorite rock quarry high above the city of Sandpoint Idaho. I wandered around for a while and found a location I had not recorded before. It was a very steep slope with huge rocks at the top…. perfect!

Once I set up my gear I realized how damn dangerous this is. Recording alone at the top of a mountain, worrying about the gear falling over the cliff and my own safety….. shit, I’ve got to be crazy. After a mild panic attack I set about recording. The rocks, which were quite large, were placed just right. A little push and they were over the cliff. Lucky day.

Below are some takes from the session. I managed to get around 40 rockslides for my upcoming SoundBox Pro library: Ultimate Rockslides. I included the natural recordings and some layered, Eq’d and pitch manipulated versions. Gear: Rocks, Sanken CSS-5 and Sound Devices 702 at 24/96.


Rockslides June 29, 2010 Blog by therecordist

Rockslides 6-29-10
Rockslides 6-20-10
Rockslides 6-20-10
Rockslides 6-20-10
Rockslides 6-20-10

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  1. Scott Petersen  July 25, 2010

    Way to go Frank! Freaking beautiful stuff.


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