The Making of North Country Water

Water. We have it in abundance here in North Idaho. When it’s moving, I go record it. The massive deep water lakes, the winding rivers, the spring snow melt run-off and the pipes that make sure it gets to where it’s going were recorded during the different seasons over the last few years. This sound effects collection is a close up and personal tribute to the amazing water sounds that can be heard here.

The sounds presented here are intended for intense sound design and at the same time the subtle movement the water flows make. Some of the highlights include me filling my tractor loader with dozens of gallons of water and dumping all at once and slowly. Other aspects of this collection include sticking my microphones inside large culvert pipes and concrete trenches to capture the ambient space the water flows in. There are many water foley sounds recorded in shallow puddles, large ponds and slushy ice pools. Water was hit, poured, swirled and objects were thrown into and dragged through the water.

Most of this collection was recorded with extended frequency microphones so heavy pitch and noise shaping processes give you high quality results. Recording this sound effects library was a lot of fun and a physical balancing act with a microphone in one hand and a camera in the other and, I hope you enjoy designing water sounds with the material. -Frank (The Completely Soaked Recordist)

All images and sounds copyright 2013 Frank Bry, Creative Sound Design/The Recordist