Here is the first teaser for SHOTGUNS HD Professional Sound FX Library.

Eight shotguns were recorded in various locations in the wilderness of North Idaho. Along with the standard multi-channel recordings there are a multitude of “Texture” sound effects included for layering into other sounds as you see fit. Pitch them around, mangle them, pump them up! The specific location in this teaser is a fantastic wide open field with rolling hills and mountain ranges all around. The library will be available very soon from The Recordist. Enjoy! -Frank, March 10, 2016 Got Echoes?

Photos from the session:


A Benelli M4 Semi-auto firing a rifle slug


A Benelli M4 Semi-auto firing a rifled slug


The Location, recording distant shots


A Mossberg 5500 like the one used in the movie Robocop


A Mossberg 5500 close up frame grab from iPhone 6s+


The location, a rainy day with some wind, yuck

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